Tips for purchases:

  • Our team can purchase most general office supplies through campus. Our campus vendors are Give Something Back and Office Max
  • If you need supplies from Amazon or other websites, send us a spreadsheet like this with your supply info
  • Always provide a business purpose for supply requests

Tips for paying vendors:

  • When possible, do business with a vendor that is already in the system. We can check this for you.


Giving details to tell the story of how you spent the money will reduce the need for follow-up questions

Which receipts are required?

  • Receipts are needed for airfare, car rental, conference registration and domestic lodging, regardless of amount
  • You don’t need to submit receipts for meals and miscellaneous under $75


Tips for planning a smooth event: 

  • Use a food vendor from our list and set up a Purchase Order with them at least 3 weeks in advance
  • Secure your location and submit a payment request if needed before the event
  • Meet with our admin team to purchase any supplies if needed 

When submitting an Entertainment related form, remember to always include:

  • Business Purpose- stay away from "party" or "team building" language, use "trainings, workshops, staff meeting, etc"
  • Date of Event
  • Event type
  • Alcohol – verify non-restricted fund source
  • Explicit business purpose
  • Written justification for exceptional circumstances (e.g., exceeding per person limits, spousal attendance, etc.)
  • Guest list – name and number of attendees
  • Host signature
  • Approval signature 


Non T&E Form 

I'm submitting a reimbursement that is non-travel or entertainment (supplies, conference registration, etc). 

Entertainment Form 

I'm submitting an event related reimbursement (food, space rental, etc.)

Travel Form

I'm submitting a reimbursement for travel fees (airfare, lodging, food, etc).

Student Awards

I need to process a financial aid award for a student(s)

Travel Arrangements 

I need airfare purchased directly through campus.