CE3 Graduate Research Fellow Application

The Centers for Educational Equity & Excellence (CE3) are dedicated to supporting the holistic success of non-traditional students at the University of California Berkeley (UCB). CE3 is made up by 7 units: Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), Transfer Student Center, Student Parent Center, Berkeley Hope Scholars (BHS), Undocumented Student Program, Cal Veterans Student Services Center, and the Re-Entry Student Program. Each unit is dedicated to ensuring that their non-traditional student population transitions, maximizes their holistic (personal, academic, and professional) development, and is prepared to thrive beyond UCB. There are an estimated 13,000 non-traditional students at UCB. 

The CE3 Graduate Research Fellow will primarily support the CE3 Research & Mobilization Coordinator in three areas: (1) research, (2) analysis & reporting, and (3) creation of tools & materials. The fellow will also work closely with both CE3 Executive Director and Associate Director.

Spring 2016 Portfolio Deliverables:

(*) California Undocu Assessment Tool: co-create assessment tool that will measure the levels of access, equity, and success for undocumented students across institutions of higher education in the state of California. This is the next phase of a two year project that began at the California Higher Education Summit on Undocumented Student Success. Universities across the Community College, California State University, University of California, and Private sectors came together to identify effective practices and challenges to supporting the success of undocumented students. The assessment areas for the tool have been identified. Fellow will support with: (i) creating the scoring rubrics per area, (ii) designing the presentation of the tool, and (iii) developing guidelines for institutional tool completion. This project will be completed in partnership with E4FC and the National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good

(*) CE3 Service Model Materials: fellow will support R&M Coordinator with interviewing Unit Directors and CE3 Executive Leadership to map the services provided across: transition, holistic development, and preparation for success beyond Berkeley. After service model mapping has been presented and approved by CE3 Executive Leadership, fellow and R&M Coordinator will create tools and materials for units and cluster. Tools and materials will range across print, web, and multi-media. 


Hourly Rate Range: $17 - $24. Experience dictates compensation.


This position is funded through a three-year WK Kellogg Foundation Grant. Duration of fellowship will be subject to the performance of the fellow selected. 

Work Structure:

CE3 Research & Mobilization Coordinator and Fellow will collectively design strategic plan, work flow, and timeline that honors and adjusts to maximize the success of the fellowship portfolio. 


Please contact CE3 Research & Mobilization Coordinator Ruben E. Canedo via email: elias_canedo@berkeley.edu.