The following are courses being taught by CE3 Programs for units during the Fall 2016 semester. Internships for units are also available.  Please contact Program Directors for more information.

Berkeley Hope Scholars:

Cal Veteran Services Center
Education 198: Veterans in Higher Education

  1. One unit Pass/Not Pass
  2. Instructor and Course Coordinator: Luis Hernandez and Ron Williams

This course is designed to acclimate veterans to the opportunities and expectations of student life at UC Berkeley. Learn to maximize benefits and make the best transition to the Cal academic experience. This class affords the opportunity to connect with other new and experienced Cal veterans to gain insights and strategies for working with issues that are often different from the traditional student experience.

Sec 2      Thursdays 11-Noon      Hearst Gym 100      CCN# 28745


Educational Opportunity Program

Ethnic Studies 98/198: Beyond Berkeley: Preparation for Graduate School for EOP Students

  1. Two units Pass/Not Pass
  2. Instructor and Course Coordinator: TBD

If you are unsure if you want to attend graduate school or not, this course is geared toward first-generation college students (Frosh - Seniors) and will help prepare students to think about, research, apply to, and be successful in graduate school and beyond. Our goal is to help you feel successful in whatever it is you do in your life after Cal and we are committed to ensure a successful transition out of Berkeley, whether it be graduate school or entering the professional workforce.

Sec      Time/Date TBD      Location TBD      CCN# TBD


Re-entry Student Program

Education 198: Adult Learners In Higher Education

  1. One unit Pass/Not Pass

  2. Instructor and Course Coordinator: Ron Williams and TBD

Students participate in this discussion-based forum to address specific issues adult learners often face during the transitional first semester at Cal. Course discussions and assignments are designed to coach students through the process of adjusting to academic life at Berkeley and all the complexities it entails. Through this class, students expand strategies for managing the demanding workload of this research university and build approaches for maximizing the opportunities available throughout campus that directly shape the quality of the re-entry student experience. This class affords the opportunity to network with other re-entry learners to build community and belonging. Many re-entry students note that this course was essential to their success at Cal.

Sec 3      Mondays Noon-1 pm      Location TBD      CCN# 28746      Instructor: TBD
Sec 4      Mondays 1-2 pm      Location TBD      CCN# 28747      Instructor: TBD
Sec 5      Tuesdays 11-Noon      Location TBD      CCN# 28843      Instructor: TBD
Sec 6      Tuesdays 1-2 pm      Location TBD      CCN# 28844      Instructor: TBD
Sec 7       Fridays 11-Noon      Location TBD      CCN# 28845      Instructor: TBD

Education 198: Leadership and Mentoring in the Classroom

  1. Two Units - Pass/Not Pass
  2. Instructor and Course Coordinator: Ron Williams 

This course, designed for students who already navigated through their first semester at Berkeley, prepares students to concurrently serve as student co-facilitators in CE3 transition courses. Topics covered include group dynamics, the "problem-posing" method of instruction, creating an atmosphere of trust and support, and teaching through positive feedback.

Sec 1      Mondays 3-4 pm      100 Hearst Gym      CCN# 28744  


Student Parent Center

Education 98/198: Ounce Upon a University: Resources, Advocacy, and Community

  1. One unit Pass/Not Pass

  2. Instructor and Course Coordinator: TBD

The goal of this course is to create a supportive learning community, as a master the unique challenges experienced by parents who are new to Cal and/or new parenting. The course is designed to offer timely information and shared strategies for balancing academic expectations with parenting realities. You will gain practical tools, tips and insights as you successfully navigate through your first semester. Course content is based on twenty years of student parent experiences and includes presentations, speakers, facilitated discussions and curative homework assignments (involving your children).

Sec      Tuesday 9:30-11 am      Location TBD      CCN# Education 98 (Fresh/Soph) 28770, Education 198 (Junior/Senior) 28847
Sec      Friday 11-12:30 pm      Location TBD      CCN# Education 98 (Fresh/Soph) 28771, Education 198 (Junior/Senior) 28848

Education 98/198: Health and Wellness

  1. One unit Pass/Not Pass
  2. Instructor and Course Coordinator: TBD

Physical and mental health are essential in achieving academic success as student parents. Students will learn about information, resources, and strategies to help them achieve health and wellness during their time here at Cal. The course is designed with the health of the student in mind, and we offer exciting guest speakers, time for self-reflection, and the opportunity to participate in on-campus activities.

Sec      Tuesday 11:30-1 pm      Location TBD      CCN# Education 98 (Fresh/Soph) 28769, Education 198 (Junior/Senior) 28846


Transfer Student Center

Education 198: Transitioning to Cal: An Introduction to the Research University for Transfers

  1. One unit Pass/Not Pass

  2. Instructor and Course Coordinator: TBD

Transfer students make up one-fourth of the student population at Cal. As a first semester transfer, you will be navigating and adjusting to a new campus culture. This class is designed to help facilitate your transition by improving your knowledge of the research university and its resources, assisting you in identifying key academic skills and strategies for academic success, and encouraging community and student engagement. The course will focus on academic strategies for upper division course work with particular emphasis on time management skills, critical reading, exam preparation, and writing skills. You will learn about various campus resources and opportunities that are available to you as a Cal student. Participation, group work, and class discussion are an integral part of this course. We will be sharing and exchanging information and advice throughout the semester.

Sec 25      Monday 10-11 am      Location TBD      CCN# 28886
Sec 26      Monday 11-Noon      Location TBD      CCN# 28898
Sec 27      Monday Noon-1 pm      Location TBD      CCN# 28899
Sec 28      Monday 1-2 pm      Location TBD      CCN# 28900
Sec 29      Monday 2-3 pm      Location TBD      CCN# 28901
Sec 30      Tuesday 10-11 am      Location TBD      CCN# 28902
Sec 31      Tuesday 11-Noon      Location TBD      CCN# 33693
Sec 32      Tuesday Noon-1 pm      Location TBD      CCN# 33694
Sec 33      Tuesday 1-2 pm      Location TBD      CCN# 33695
Sec 34      Tuesday 2-3 pm      Location TBD      CCN# 33696
Sec 35      Wednesday 1-2 pm      Location TBD      CCN# 33697
Sec 36      Wednesday 2-3 pm      Location TBD      CCN# 33698
Sec 37      Thursday 11-Noon      Location TBD      CCN# 33699
Sec 38      Thursday Noon-1pm      Location TBD      CCN# 33700
Sec 39      Thursday 1-2 pm      Location TBD      CCN# 33701