Our commitment to Food Security:

CE3 has been a founding partner of both the (1) UC Berkeley Food Security Committee and the (2) UC Global Food Initiative Operations Sub-Committee on Food Pantries & Security. We are committed to alleviate our students from hunger and provide nutrition security for them. We believe that in order for our undergraduate and graduate students to thrive, they must be food secure.

  • Our vision is a world where universities graduate students at their personal, academic, and professional best. By graduation, every student will be at their overall healthiest AND with competitive academic marks AND professionally prepared to thrive beyond their undergraduate careers. 
  • Our food security mission is to (i) research and report better understandings of university food systems and (ii) institutionalize efforts that will alleviate hunger and provide nutrition security. 

Our success is deeply rooted in our abilities to unite students, staff, faculty, administrators, community members & organizations, three levels of government (local, state, and federal), and both public & private business sectors. 

Contextualizing Food Insecurity:

Feeding America "2014 Hunger in America*" Report Findings:

UC Berkeley Food Security

Food Security Committee Members:

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Ongoing Campus Efforts


Food Assistance Program*: 



Have you exhausted all of the financial aid resources offered to you this academic year, including all student loan options? Are you skipping meals, or eating less because of paying for other expenses, such as rent? We can help! Eligible undergraduate students who have short-term needs, such as during in-semester breaks, and have exhausted other funding options, including all student loan options, may be eligible for meal points.





"Health Matters" University Health Services*:



Health Matters offers a variety of webinars, classes, and behavior change programs on eating well, healthy cooking, and more. We also make it easier to find healthy options on campus through the Eat Well Berkeley program. 





Emergency Food Pantry*:




With rising fees, textbook costs, and living expenses, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to juggle the costs of living with the costs of obtaining a university degree, and thus many students are finding themselves choosing between essentials such as food and basic toiletries and the costs of college. It is for this reason that The Food Pantry has been established—to provide emergency relief to help students continue on to successfully complete and obtain their degrees from the University of California.





Harvest Day:

The last Saturday of every month, our Fresh Produce Security Team (ASUC Broder Team, Berkeley Food Institute, Berkeley Student Food Collective, Gill Tract Community Farm, Student Organic Garden Association, and UCB Food Pantry) will be leading our ongoing community Harvest Days. Participants will learn about the legacies & relationships across food movements, build & nurture community, learn about local farming, and harvest fresh produce. All harvest will be donated to the UC Berkeley Food Pantry. Check out our Food Pantry Facebook Page to RSVP* to our next Harvest Day ! 



Policies for Food Security:

  1. ASUC Bill in Support of UC Berkeley Food Pantry
  2. ASUC Bill in Support of UC Berkeley Sustainable Landscapes
  3. ASUC Bill in Support of UC Berkeley Food Security Committee Strategic Plan

Is food security important to you? Would you like to support our efforts?

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For Questions & Inquiries Please Contact CE3's Research & Mobilization Coordinator

Ruben E. Canedo at elias_canedo@berkeley.edu 


UC System-Wide Food Security


The University of California Global Food Initiative* seeks to address one of the critical issues of our time: 

How to sustainably and nutritiously feed a world population expected to reach eight billion by 2025. 

The initiative will align the university’s research, outreach and operations in a sustained effort to develop, demonstrate and export solutions – throughout California, the United States and the world – for food security, health and sustainability.



As California’s diverse residents encounter environmental, social, and economic pressures,  higher education institutions provide a unique space to engage current issues throughout our state.  Join a timely gathering of students, staff, faculty, and community leaders at large to bridge the conversation of food access, security, and justice within California Colleges and local community environments. This gathering invites student government and organizational leadership within the undergraduate and graduate level, staff program coordinators and directors, faculty and administrators as well as community food agency leadership to the CA Higher Education Food Summit. Our ultimate goals are to strengthen partnerships and share best practices to inform action steps toward  fostering access, equity, and justice for all.