Miller Scholars Program

The George A. Miller Scholars Program provides outstanding community college transfer students the opportunity to develop leadership, research or community service skills and apply them in practice. Every year ten low-income, first-generation students are selected based on their leadership potential, academic excellence, and commitment to community service and education. As a close-knit group of students, Miller Scholars participate in the program for two years receiving individualized personal attention and guidance that helps them transition to Berkeley, succeed academically, and develop skills to ensure long term success. Based on financial need, each year Miller Scholars receive up to $5000 in scholarship for Fall/Spring, and up to $2000 for the summer between year one and year two.

Students spend an entire academic year developing research and leadership skills while they plan an academic research or community service project, which they conduct under the guidance of a faculty mentor during the summer after their first year at Berkeley. The second year of the program prepares scholars for life after graduation, either in preparing them to apply for graduate or professional school, or in searching for and securing a job in their area of interest. Miller Scholars select one of two tracks: academic research or community service.


The Program has 3 Components

Build academic, research, and leadership skills during a weekly credit-bearing course. Forge community with fellow Miller Scholars, develop a research or service project prospectus under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Year One

Summer after Year One

Conduct research or perform community service work, culminating in the completion of a research or service project. Participate in a summer seminar to support project development. Present findings to the incoming Miller Scholars cohort.

Year Two

Receive support and guidance with graduate and professional school preparation and career development.

For more information, please contact: 
Luisa M. Giulianetti - Miller Scholars Program Coordinator

157 Stiles Hall

2400C Bancroft Way

UC Berkeley

Berkeley, CA 94720-4260