NERDS Program
Bergeron Scholars Program
  • Female STEM Mentorship + Scholarship program
  • Financial need (must have FAFSA or State Aid for Dreamers)
  • 2016 application will be targeting students who will graduate in May 2017
  • Application: closed on April 16, 2016
This scholarship program is designed for women in STEM and provides a high level industry female mentor, financial scholarship, advising, and additional resources. This is a five year pilot and this 2016 application will be recruiting five scholars for the fifth cohort of this program. The funding for this program goes to program support administered through the Cal NERDS program and to our campus Scholarships and Financial Aid office. At this time we will be targeting students who graduate in May 2017 for budgeting reasons. It does look like this program will continue beyond this five year pilot - with a new five year cycle (more details for that new five year cycle will be shared in 2017).
BRAIN Biotechnology Undergraduate and Graduate Program
  • The UC Berkeley Biotechnology Research And Innovation Network provides valuable resources and a paid hands-on biotechnology manufacturing summer certificate program
  • Program phasing out 2016
Biotech involves using living systems and organisms to make useful products. This is a stable and growing field. The NEW Cal NERDS’ BRAIN program is a three-year pilot program focusing on helping UC Berkeley undergraduate and graduate students gain hands-on scientific training through an intense biotech “boot camp” style summer program which takes place in Fairfield, CA. Tentative 2015 program dates are Monday through Friday (9 am to 5 pm) in June and July. Students will receive a $3,000 stipend plus a $1,500 housing/transportation stipend (participants will need to provide their own transportation to the Fairfield facility). Each spring three participants will be selected. “BRAINiacs” will master skills involving cell transformation and growth, protein purification, and bioreactor operation. Expand your career prospects to include well-paid bay area biotech positions in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, agriculture, food and/or environmental sectors.

Eligibility Snapshot:
  • LGBT, U.S. military veterans, and transfer students are encouraged to apply
  • Must be a registered UC Berkeley Undergraduate, Masters, or Ph.D. student at the time of the application
  • Priority will be given to students who are receiving financial aid/graduate school fellowships (U.S. citizens or permanent residents or Dreamers) or who are U.S. military veterans
  • 3.0 overall UC Berkeley Undergraduate GPA or 3.0 overall UC Berkeley Graduate Student GPA
  • Undergraduates: Juniors and Seniors (only if you are planning to be a Super Senior for two semesters) are eligible to apply
  • Graduate Students: All levels ok to apply
  • Applicants must be in a STEM-based major with previous STEM research experience
  • Course Prerequisites: B or higher in courses in undergraduate-level Microbiology or Molecular and Cell Biology plus undergraduate-level General Chemistry
Academic Year Activities
  • For-credit seminar covering research topic selection, research methods, writing, and time management
  • Individual tutoring
  • Mentor selection/matching
  • Individual assistance with graduate school applications and financial resources

Summer Research Activities
  • Faculty mentored research culminating in publishable research paper
  • Participation in the Annual California McNair Scholars Symposium
  • Weekly research skills seminar
  • Advising on graduate admissions
  • Research Tutoring

A list of the UC Berkeley McNair Scholars and their research papers are available in the Berkeley McNair Journal.