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Nutritious Non-Perishable Inventory:


Meal Voucher Support: 

We aspire to provide a meal voucher per visit to our pantry users. This meal voucher allows our students to have a real-time meal. Many pantry users have hectic schedules with their full academic load, multiple-jobs, and community service responsibilities. The voucher allows them to nourish themselves immediately, in addition to, taking supplemental food that they will be able to consume for the next 8-10 days.

Donations to Meal Vouchers are two-fold:

  1. Financial gifts will be used to purchase Cal Dining Meals: (i) $9 Breakfast, (ii) Lunch $10, (iii) Dinner $11. To make a donations please follow this link:

  2. Your business is also welcome to donate meals. All we need is a physical voucher (coupon, flyer, etc) that we can provide to our pantry users. To coordinate this donation please contact SAMMY our Food Pantry Fundraising Coordinator at

Fresh Produce Security 

Fresh Produce Box:

We aspire to provide a fresh produce box per visit to our pantry users. Our commitment is to provide food resources that are healthy and nourishing. Therefore, it is essential to us that our pantry users have non-perishable food AND fresh produce. In order to provide fresh produce on a consistent basis, we have partnered with our Berkeley Student Food Collective (BSFC). The BSFC is a non-profit collectively run grocery store that is dedicated to providing fresh, local, healthy, environmentally sustainable, and ethically produced food at affordable prices to the Berkeley campus and greater community. They operate a weekly community-supported agriculture (CSA) box that pantry users will receives vouchers for. Each CSA box costs $10.37, with your support we will provide 80 CSA boxes on a weekly basis.

  • Weekly Cost of Fresh Produce Boxes: $829.60

  • Monthly Cost of Fresh Produce Boxes: $3,318.40

  • Semester Cost of Fresh Produce Boxes: $13,273.60

  • Summer Session Cost of Fresh Produce Boxes: $9,955.20

  • Annual Cost of Fresh Produce Boxes: $23,228.80


Outreach Efforts


Food Security Curriculum