•       2.5 GPA preferred

           •       Available to work Summer Bridge: Training May 31-June 17 &  and June 22-Aug 12, FA/SP work starts late August

           •      At least one year of undergraduate career remaining

Counseling/Drop In Advising (1-2 hrs/week):

           •      Minimum 4-6 hours/week   

           •      Shadow PACs as they advise students during weekly office hours 

           •      Meet monthly with professional Academic Counselors 

           •      Assist with small groups activities, workshops, seminars, and panels

           •      Inform students of various University and College policies, procedures, and requirements

Program Planning / Outreach (3 hrs/week):

           •     Assist with planning and development of programs with the Counseling staff and the Program Supervisor.

           •     Conduct outreach to students via phone, mail and personal contact.

           •     Perform necessary administrative duties.

           •     Meet weekly with a designated EOP Counselor and assist them on individual projects.

           •     Meet weekly with the Peer Academic Counselor Coordinator.

Staff Meeting / Ongoing-Training (3.5 hrs/week):

           •     Participate in Peer Academic Counseling weekly staff meetings 

           •     Participate in weekly mandatory trainings  

           •     Participate in additional meetings with PAC Coordinators


           •     Attendance, dedication, professionalism and timeliness

Summer Bridge Duties:  

          •     In addition to the duties for the academic year, new PACs must take part in the Summer Bridge program. During Summer Bridge

                PACs will have the following additional duties:


         •    New PACs will participate in a three-week training component prior to the initiation of the summer bridge program. During

               this time, PACs will be in training for 15 hours/week.

         •    Guest presenters and trainers will educate the Peer Academic Counselors of the resources or guidelines pertaining to their

               department or college. All colleges are introduced to the peer advisors as well as multiple campus resource departments (i.e. SLC,

               GenEq, UHS, etc.)

          •    Peer Academic Counselors will take part in Summer Bridge “all-staff” trainings

Case Load: 

          •    All PACs will be assigned to an Academic Counselor and their counselor’s caseload. New PACs will be assigned to smaller and

               will meet with their students under the supervision of the Peer Academic Counselor Coordinator or assigned Counselor.

          •    PACs will hold mandatory mid-term check-ins with their assigned students to cover any information not covered by their                               counselor’s entrance meeting or to inform students of their midterm performance.

           •   PACs will make sure their assigned students attend all seminars and will check-in with other staff members regarding their



         •     PACs will assist Resident Assistants and other PACs with Summer Bridge Mandatory programming

         •     Entry level PACs will collaborate with other student staff members in putting on educational and transitional programs for the

               summer bridge participants that will enhance their academic and social experience.


 UC Berkeley, Centers for Educational Equity & Excellence

9am–4:30pm | Monday–Friday | 119 Cesar E. Chavez Student Center

For general questions: Contact Mitzi Iniguez at Mitzi@berkeley.edu