Posse Scholars Program

- What is the Posse Scholars Program? -
Posse Scholars begin their journey to Berkeley in their senior year of high school in Los Angeles. Many of the more than 3,000 nominated students faced challenging life situations from an early age and stepped into unexpected roles of leadership. Coming through the other side, they developed an intrinsic drive that goes beyond their own success but also helping their family, fellow students, and community thrive as well. Fifty-five universities and colleges across the nation participate in the Posse Scholars program, accepting up to ten scholars in each cohort. Learn more about the Posse Foundation.

Each year they arrive at Berkeley as a posse, a group of students who support each other throughout their undergraduate careers and beyond. The program focuses on helping the Scholars navigate higher education and acclimate to the Berkeley culture, developing studying and academic tools for success, hitting milestones toward graduation, gaining career skills, intern- and externships, applying to graduate and professional schools, and finding a job. Ninety percent of Cal's Posse Scholars graduate.



Find out how to nominate a student to become a member of the Posse Scholars Program.

- Benefits -
  • Help increasing each student's financial stability through supplemental funding sources
  • Advising
  • Support and guidance acclimating to Cal
  • Faculty, staff, and peer mentoring
  • Weekly for-credit seminar focused on developing studying and leadership skills
  • Bi-weekly personal check-in
  • Annual Posse Plus Retreat

- Some History and Statistics on Posse -
  • Founded in 1989 by Deborah Bial, who thought of the idea of Posse after a student told her, “I would not have dropped out of college if I had had my posse with me.”
  • Started at Vanderbilt University with five students from New York City, all of whom graduated with honors and accolades four years later.
  • Works with 2,200 Scholars in their Campus Program at top-tier colleges and universities throughout the country.
  • Nationally, Posse Scholars have won more than $931 million in scholarships from Posse’s partner institutions.
  • Posse students graduate at a rate significantly above the national average.
  • Given the opportunity to go to college, 70 percent of Posse scholars either have founded an organization or have become president of an existing one.
  • As of May 2015, there are more than 3,100 Posse alumni.

For more information, please contact:
Hugo Ramirez, Director
2515 Channing Way #2410
Berkeley, CA 94720-2410