Student Parent Center Internship Instructions: Time Lines, Tracking Hours Final Grading

Welcome to the opportunity to intern with the Student Parent Center. Please carefully follow the instructions that will aid in supporting your project, hours, and ultimately your final grade. If you have any questions feel free to email

Next Steps

1. Complete online application
2. The Student Parent Center will notify you via email that your Agreement is processed and this email will include a course control number for you to ‘add’ the course on Telebears.
*You will receive an email regarding your online intern calendar to input your weekly intern hours.
*This calendar page will be a page that is part of your already established ‘calendar’ that is complimentary with your bmail- Berkeley email address.
*You will receive an email that lets you know we have created a calendar page for you and shared it with you. Be sure it is not ‘hidden’ and shows is on the left side in your Bcal.
*Utilize this calendar page to track your hours and populate your intended hours each month so that you do not get behind; avoid last minute calculation of hours.
*Familiarize yourself with the tabs on the upper left portion of the calendar itself. You will find a that is labeled ‘AGENDA’. Next to that tab is another labeled ‘MORE’ which drops down with an arrow option to ‘PRINT’. When you select ‘PRINT’ you will have the option to check some boxes. The box that allows your ‘descriptions’ to be included when printing your Agenda needs to be clicked, even if they may be repetitive.
*Print your Agenda rather than your calendar pages because the Agenda is more condensed allowing for fewer pages to print by far.
3. Printing your Agenda
*This Agenda needs to have your total hours calculated on the front page and a signature next to these total hours that verifies your time interning.
4. Final Grade
*The P/NP grades will be calculated based upon completion of hours, accountability via the aforementioned calendar regarding your time, and authorized signatures confirming your internship participation overall.
5. Turning in you Agenda for your Final Grade
*Although you may still be completing intern hours through the last day of the semester, include those on your calendar and submit your signed bMail calendar agenda to the Student Parent Center no later than Wednesday on the last week of classes.