Become an SSS Scholar


Eligible students (new Berkeley transfers that meet the criteria outlined below) are contacted via email in early June and asked to "opt in" to SSS by responding to an invitation. If you meet the criteria below and have committed to UC Berkeley as a new transfer student, make sure to check you email in-box for the application invite.

If you feel you meet the criteria below but did not receive an email from us, you can contact the SSS Program Director Lorena Valdez at


SSS Eligibility


SSS serves low-income (income falls within U.S. Department of Education guidelines) and first-generation college students (students who do not have a parent who has graduated from a four-year university or college). UC Berkeley SSS serves primarily transfer students at Cal. SSS is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and is part of the Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence (CE3) in the Division of Equity and Inclusion.

Low income guidelines
Size of Family Unit 48 Contiguous States, D.C., and Outlying Jurisdictions Alaska Hawaii
1 $18,0210 $22,770 $20,940
2 $24,690 $30,870 $28,395
3 $31,170 $38,970 $35,850
4 $37,650 $47,070 $43,305
5 $44,130 $55,170 $50,760
6 $50,610 $63,270 $58,215
7 $57,090 $71,370 $65,670
8 $63,570 $79,470 $73,125