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Excelling Academically Through TTP 

Recommended 4-unit Courses

  • African American Studies 125AC: The History of the Modern Civil Rights Movement (online)

  • Asian American Studies 172: Asian American Literature (Tu, W, 2-6 PM)

  • Chicano Studies 110: Latina/o Philosophy and Religious Thought (Tu, W, Th, 1-3:30PM)

  • Chicano Studies 130:  Mexican and Chicano Art History (T, W, Th, 1-3:30PM)

  • Chicano Studies 135 AC: Latino Narrative Film: to the 1980s (T, Th, 4-8)

  • English 173:  The Language and Literature of Films (T, W, TH 3-5:30 PM)

  • English 176: Literature and Popular Culture (T, W, Th 12:30-3 PM)

  • ESPM 160 AC American Environmental and Cultural History (M,W, F 9 - 11:30 AM)

  • Ethnic Studies 144 AC: Racism and the U.S. Law: Historical Treatment of Peoples of Color (T, Th 5-9PM)

  • History 124B: The Recent United States: The United States from World War II (M,W, F 9-11:30 AM)

  • History 137AC (T, W, TH 1-3:30PM)

  • Legal Studies 132AC: Immigration and Citizenship (M, T, W, TH, 10AM -12N)

  • Psychology 166AC:  Cultural Psychology (M, W, F, 11:30AM - 2PM)

  • Rhetoric 152AC:  Race and Order in the New Republic (T, W, TH, 2-4:30 PM)

  • Scandinavian Studies 150:  Studies in Scandinavian Literature-Nordic Video Gaming (T,W,TH 1-3 PM)

  • Sociology 111AC: Sociology of the Family (M, Tu, W, Th 2-4 PM)

  • Sociology 140:  Political and Social Change (M, T, W, TH 4-6 PM)

  • A 4-unit course of interest to you.

AC courses fulfill the University’s American Cultures requirement. By enrolling in 6-units, eligible students receive Financial Aid to help pay for TTP.


Application & Checklist

We hope you join us for for an engaging, rewarding 6-weeks. To apply for TTP, please attend to the following items: 

  1. Read and complete the TTP application.

  2. Complete and submit all Financial Aid forms.

  3. Complete and submit your Statement of Legal Residency (SLR). The SLR is required of ALL new students at the university, regardless of status. To complete your SLR, please go to Cal Central, under My Dashboard, Tasks, Residency Tasks to submit the SLR.

Enrollment Instructions

Once accepted to TTP, you must be activated as a Summer Student at Berkeley. To enroll in TTP,  please follow the following steps:

1.  After you pay your deposit for UC Berkeley, log into Cal Central and opt into Transfer Edge, via the Notification tab.

2.  Click on the Transfer Edge button.

3.  Wait 24 hours and then log into Cal Central again. You will see a summer tab on your on your Cal Central page, and then you may select your 2 TTP courses (Ethnic Studies 194 & a 4-unit course of your choice). 

* Please note that it takes 24-hours after you click on the Transfer Edge button to activate your summer tab.