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Excelling Academically Through TTP

As a TTP student, you will take two courses: (1) a 2-unit Ethnic Studies 194 course, specifically designed for incoming transfer students and (2) a 4-unit lecture class. If you are an Admissions Referred Student, please click here

Ethnic Studies 194 will support your work in the lecture course and in assist in your success at UC Berkeley. 

Recommended 4-unit Courses

  • African American Studies 139L: The Black Panther Party and American Popular Culture

  • African American Studies 159: From Be-Bop to Hip Hop

  • Chicano Studies 130: Mexican and Chicano Art History

  • Chicano Studies 135 AC: Latino Documentary Film

  • Chicano Studies 159: Mexican Immigration

  • English 135AC: Literature of American Cultures

  • Ethnic Studies 122 AC: Ethnicity and Race in Contemporary American Films

  • History 131B: US Social History from the Civil War to the Present

  • Political Science 152A: Access to Justice

  • Sociology 140: Politics and Social Change

  • A 4-unit course of interest to you.

AC courses fulfill the University’s American Cultures requirement. By enrolling in 6-units, eligible students receive Financial Aid to help pay for TTP.


Application & Checklist

We hope you join us for for an engaging, rewarding 6-weeks. To apply for TTP, please attend to the following items: 

  1. Read and complete the TTP application.

  2. Complete and submit all Financial Aid forms.

  3. Complete and submit your Statement of Legal Residency (SLR). The SLR is required of ALL new students at the university, regardless of status. To complete your SLR, please go to Cal Central, under My Dashboard, Tasks, Residency Tasks to submit the SLR.