Budget & Funding

UC Berkeley students at a CE3 welcome event

Comprising 10 distinct programs, CE3 offers a comprehensive array of counseling programs, supplemental aid, and scholarship ended students, and transfer students of all ages and life experiences. We aim to ensure that the most vulnerable students achieve their potential at the number one public university.

In collaboration with various donors, sponsorships, grants, and contracts, CE3 has worked tirelessly to secure funding to expand our resources across the UC Berkeley campus. We connect students in need with critical resources — from holistic academic guidance, scholarships, mentoring, and career preparation to nutrition and childcare support.

Total Revenues 2022/2023

  • Restricted Gifts: $2,472,864 (29.96%)

  • Other Designated Funds: $1,543,448 (16.2%)

  • Unrestricted Funds: $2,103,944 (22.08%)

  • G.O.L.D Referendum Fee: $1,179,372 (12.38%)

  • Federal Grants : $1,186,499 (12.45%)

  • Restricted Endowments: $1,041,292 (10.93%)

2022/2023 CE3 Revenue

An image of a pie chart depicting percentages of CE3 revenue