CE3 Values

This collage combines various themes and subjects from murals and mosaics in Chicago and represents Social Justice.

Social justice, anti-racism, and equity center our values and practices. Our communities carry hope, dreams, and plans to transform their trajectories and create vibrant futures.  Simultaneously, they are situated in deeply rooted and inequitable social, economic, and political systems that limit their access to and opportunities within the institution and beyond.  These realities inform our advocacy and purposeful practices of attending to the whole person—with their multiple and intersectional identities and experiences--and working for collective change.

Anti-racism: CE3 recognizes that UC Berkeley is on the unceded territory of the Ohlone people. Inherently, higher education institutions--such as UC Berkeley--perpetuate systemic racism and white supremacy. Through our roles, we advocate for equitable policies, research and practices for communities of color. Given our different intersectional identities, we hold different positions of privilege, and we engage in both learning and unlearning. We commit to lead with our hearts and with an antiracist lens.    

“Antiracist: One who is supporting an antiracist policy through their actions or expressing an antiracist idea.”-Ibram X. Kendi

Social justice:  CE3 is grounded in and operated from a social justice framework. We recognize that our communities are adversely and disproportionately affected by educational and structural inequities rooted within and outside the walls of the institution. Through our advocacy and actions, we work to create purposeful change that benefits our communities. 

Educational equity CE3 values higher education as a vehicle for social justice and social change. We affirm that all students have the ability to do well educationally and thrive when they have access to intentional guidance and support. Thus, we design and deliver programs that support the specific needs of historically underserved students and promote their educational success and well-being. 

Whole Person: CE3 serves and empowers every individual with respect and meets them where they are in life. We understand that many who walk through our doors are not alone in their journeys through higher education. We therefore make space for those who carry in their hearts and minds their communities, families, chosen families, diverse lived experiences, challenges, and victories.

Wellness:  CE3 values holistic wellness that promotes proactive healthy habits and actions. As a community, we foster our own and support other’s physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and mental well-being. We promote growth through the unlearning of unhealthy practices and modeling ways of being that support wellness.

Authentic Community:  CE3 strives to cultivate a strong network of support by building meaningful relationships amongst students and staff. We honor the diversity of individuals and their unique backgrounds that collectively foster greater learning and growth opportunities within our spaces. We hold ourselves accountable through being honest and transparent with one another, and encouraging all to show up as they are.

Transformation: CE3 affirm the transformational power of higher education and of all members of our community. Through our holistic, process-based practices, we pursue our personal and academic goals; develop our voices and purpose; and expand our understanding of ourselves, our communities, and the world around us. 

Accountability:  To best serve our communities and make the institution more humane, we uphold accountability as an active and ongoing process that moves us toward living our values. We name accountability on three levels:  individually, organizationally (CE3), institutionally (UC Berkeley and beyond).  Individually, we work to be vulnerable, honest, and own our mistakes and the harm we cause. Organizationally, from any position, when we accept the responsibility for a project, product, or task, we do so in service to students and moving the needle of equity.  Institutionally, we challenge inequitable policies, processes, and practices and create spaces that center students and belonging. We recognize we will not always get it right, but we show up authentically and are willing to work through the tension and lead with love.  

Through this holistic-based approach, we empower students and ourselves to pursue excellence as a process and not an end goal.