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Basic Needs Center

The Basic Needs Center team is committed to fostering belonging and justice on the UC Berkeley campus through a robust model of prevention, intervention and emergency relief efforts. Our efforts aim to combat the structural drivers of basic needs insecurity such as rising income inequality, increasing cost of living, inadequate high school preparation, and more. Using a holistic and systematic approach, we target the different facets of basic needs insecurity on campus in order to consistently reduce the number of students that require emergency resources.

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Underground Scholars

Berkeley Underground Scholars (BUS) creates a pathway for incarcerated, formerly incarcerated and system impacted individuals into higher education. We are building a prison-to-school pipeline through recruitment, retention, and advocacy. BUS is an academic support program housed within the Division of Equity and Inclusion at UC Berkeley.

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Disabled Students' Program

The Disabled Students’ Program (DSP) provides services to meet the unique educational needs of regularly enrolled students with permanent or temporary disabilities. Our staff includes disability specialists, service providers, and accessibility experts who serve our students with disabilities throughout their educational career.

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Cal Nerds

The Cal NERDS Program is comprised of a suite of programs and initiatives that provide faculty mentored research opportunities, specialized tech training, graduate school preparation, career coaching, community building, and professional development to high achieving STEM undergraduates and graduate students. Our community is made up of diverse NERDS that come from many non-dominant backgrounds including LGBTQ, low-income, first-generation, underrepresented, student parents, transfer, re-entry, disabled, foster, undocumented, system-impacted, and women. Our NERDS gain the expertise that helps them amplify their talents and build their confidence. They contribute to our country’s STEM workforce as global leaders, innovators, and technologists in academia, government, and industry.