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Berkeley Hope Scholars

Berkeley Hope Scholars (formerly the Cal Independent Scholars Network) is the academic retention program at UC Berkeley supporting all incoming freshman, transfer, graduate, and continuing students who are current and former foster youth, probation youth, or were orphaned before the age of 18.

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Cal Veteran Services Center

The Cal Veteran Services Center is dedicated to providing programs and services in support of the academic and personal success of student veterans.

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Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

EOP is one of several student support programs that are housed within the Centers for Educational Equity & Excellence (CE3). Undergraduates who meet one or more of the following criteria are considered EOP: Low-income: Pell Grant or Dream Act Scholarship eligible as verified by the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office; First-generation College Student: Parent(s) have not graduated from a four-year college or university in the United States; Historically underrepresented students: African-American, Chicanx/Latinx, and/or Native American Students

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Miller Scholars

The George A. Miller Scholars Program provides outstanding community college transfer students the opportunity to develop leadership, research and/or community service skills and apply them in practice. 

Re-entry Student Program

Coming to Berkeley later in life has clear benefits and complications. Because of this, the Re-entry Student Program provides resources and community for students who once deferred their lifelong goal of earning a college degree. Re-entry students (undergraduates 25 and older) bring their life and professional experience to Berkeley along with ethnic, and cultural diversity that powerfully and positively impact our learning environment.

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Student Parent Center

The Student Parent Center is committed to the holistic support and success of a highly motivated population of undergraduate and graduate students who are engaged scholars, as well as devoted parents at UC Berkeley. The center is a centralized multi-purpose campus resource, where students can seek informed advice, develop leadership skills, engage in informal study groups, nurse babies, change diapers, celebrate achievements, recover from setback, and form lasting friendships.

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Student Support Services

Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded TRIO program designed to support low-income and first-generation college students. Students benefit from an assigned academic advisor and a community of fellow SSS scholars. Each year, the Student Support Services (SSS) Program empowers more than 320 low-income and first-generation students to achieve academic excellence.  

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Transfer Student Center

The Transfer Student Center provides services to current Cal transfer students from other colleges and universities with navigating the academic and cultural landscape of one of the top research universities in the world. Our programs and services focus on supporting a successful transition, fostering connections and a strong sense of community among transfers, and empowering students as they explore and pursue their academic and career goals. The center plays a key role in campus outreach and recruitment through yield events and active participation in programs involving California Community Colleges. 

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Transfer Transition Program

The Transfer Transition Program (TTP), a six-week program for incoming EOP transfer students, facilitates students’ successful transition to UC Berkeley.  

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Undocumented Student Program (USP)

USP practices a holistic, multicultural and solution-focused approach that delivers individualized service for each student. The academic counseling, legal support, financial aid resources and extensive campus referral network provided by USP helps students develop the unique gifts and talents they each bring to the university, while empowering a sense of belonging. The program’s mission is to support the advancement of undocumented students within higher education and promote pathways for engaged scholarship.