Student Assistant Hiring

The CE3/SES Admin team is available to support departments through the student hiring process. We can help look up, update, and create position numbers needed for new student appointments. Below is the full process for hiring a student assistant.

Updating or Adding New Position Numbers

Role  Action Timeline
Admin Team 
  • Updates each area’s staff roster (where subcluster directors and hiring managers can find filled and vacant position numbers and their details)
  • Check with your unit lead to identify available PNs in your cluster and/or determine if you need a new PN altogether.

Updating PNs

  • If you have a PN that is vacant but needs updates, add it to the first tab of SES Position Control Sheet.
  • Enter the PN and fill in the field that needs to be updated. (Supervisor, Job Title, FTE, Location, Funding, Other) 

Creating a New PN

  • Request new position numbers on the second tab of SES Position Control Sheet.
  • All fields marked with an * are required (Dept. ID, Supervisor Name, Supervisor PN, Job Code, Work Location, and Chartstring Distribution) 
  • Will process your request to update or create a new PN in UC Path work center
  • The request will be pending until everything is processed
  • Once PN is updated or approved, we will add a comment to notify staff that the PN is ready to use for a student hire. 

*New PNs may take longer because funding will need to be added to the PN.

2-5 business days

Process for Student Hiring in SmartSheets

Role Action Timelies
  • Once a unique position number has been identified for each student appointment, staff must gather the rest of the appointment information 
    • Student Info: Name, SID, or EID (if applicable)
    • Department Info: Dept. Name, Supervisor Name, and Position Number
    • Position Details: Work Study Job Number (if applicable), FTE %, Pay Type, Pay Rate, Start and End Dates, Location
    • Funding Source: Chartstring Distribution
  • Submit appointment details directly into the respective subcluster's SmartSheet.

Note: Start Dates should be set at least 4 weeks out from the date Hiring Managers to submit their request in the HR Service Hub

Admin Team 
  • Will review your request and notify staff if any changes need to be made to the Position Number or appointment.
  • Admin team will not input appointments on behalf of units and will only serve as reviewers and approvers. 

**New appointments should not be processed without two levels of approval from the department lead and financial approver (Diana Barajas)** 

1-2 business days
BEARS HR Partners
  • Reviews and processes student hiring requests once approvals are gathered.
  • If any follow-up is required comments will be added directly via SmartSheet.


General Guidelines

Reminders before getting started: 

  • Start early! Give the hiring process 4-5 weeks from start to finish

  • Check position rosters regularly and update them before you begin the hiring process if any changes are needed

  • Students must remain under .49 FTE across all campus appointments. Position FTE should reflect actual hours student is expected to work

  • Students cannot begin working until they are fully onboarded, and ideally not until they receive an EID.
  • Supervisors must complete Manager Grow Today Training Series (link is external) by December 31, 2022 in order to be eligible for any merit increase.